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mens_gold_jewelry - gold chains 9ctI know nothing about 9ct gold chains.

9ct Gold chains; there are many of us, when looking for presents for friends and family that actually don’t have the slightest idea where to start. There is an enormous array of gold chains and jewellery on the market. This article might help you if you are looking for the basic element of jewellery, the gold chain.

Types of 9ct gold chains and their uses

There are a great many styles of gold chains and each style is related to it’s use. The chain can be decorative in its own right, or used as a means of displaying a pendant or locket, alternatively it can be used as a bracelet. There are two really popular styles of gold chains in Britain, the Curb chain and the Belcher chain.

9ct Gold Chains – Trace Style this is a basic chain and is usually of uniform width and thickness and has fine oval links.

9ct Gold Chains – Curb Style – A curb gold chain is one where the links lock together with each other when laid flat. This is a popular man’s chain being a robust style. This style of chain has a great variety of widths available, ranging from a few millimetres to over two centimetres!

9ct Gold Chains  – Belcher Style – A belcher chain, sometimes called ‘Rolo’ is wider than it is thick and the wire used to form the link is a D section. The links of a Belcher gold chain are usually round but they can be or oval in shape. It is versatile and can also be used for pendants it is also a popular ladies chain.

9ct Gold Chains – The Figaro style chain lies flat with different size links, as its name suggests it has Italian origin. It has a distinctive style and is similar to anchor or rambo chains.

All these styles of chains can be made up into a necklace, or if shorter a necklet.



wheat chainPendant type 9ct gold chains

Obviously any type of gold chain can be used as a pendant chain but some chains are more suitable. This is particularly true if the pendant needs to slide over the chain. Here are some chains suitable for pendants:

Wheat: A tough lightweight chain, resistant to kinking which is a common cause of chain breakage, it is also called ‘Spiga’ gold chain.

Box: A 9ct gold chain that is particularly attractive when shiny, thin ones look impressive  but the thicker ones are less so.

Rope: A good flexible chain. The thicker ones are popular as men’s 9ct gold chains. All these gold chains are suitable for pendants lockets or rings. Try to avoid anything that kinks or has sharp boxy edges, because as the item moves on the chain, it receives a sawing effect causing damage to the pendant attachment.

Gucci: This is a bit like a round anchor chain but the links in this 9ct gold chain are flat. In smaller sizes a really good looking pendant chain.

Prince of Wales chain: Links are circular, each link has four other links connected to it and twists to form a really strong chain as a result of these multiple links.

There are about nearly 100 different types of 9ct gold chains being the most popular, but to get you going we have just listed the popular or particularly functional gold chains here, a comprehensive list of the different types with images can be found here.



Security and chain breakage

gold chains 9ctWhilst 9ct gold chains or for that matter 18ct, will occasionally break a link, it is the clasp area where chains often separate and open up. This is where you can lose either the chain, or your favourite pendant or both!

If you have to repair a 9ct gold chain whose clasp has broken be sure to match it with a 9ct gold chain clasp.

What can be done to stop this? The methods differ and some have security features in the event of clasp failure, however, one of he best solutions is to get the chain made continuous.

This is quite easily done at the jewellers, but remember if it is a neck chain you need to ensure that it will pass over your head for removal. It is also not so advisable for heavy chains which if caught will be less likely to break. The fact that a chain or clasp can fail can be a life saver in the event of the chain getting caught !


How many carats?

Carats are a way of indicating gold content, typically in the UK, 9 ct, 18 ct and 24 ct are the norm as a general guide, In 9ct gold chains the chains will have less gold content than 18 ct and 24 ct. On the other hand the chain itself will be tougher. 18 ct gold chains are said to feel more comfortable and generally 24 ct gold chains or pure gold, are considered a bit too weak for hanging items.


Value of 9ct Gold Chains

The value of 9ct gold chains depends on style, length, weight and carat. Having chosen the style of your 9ct gold chain the next issue is to consider what length of chain is best suits the individual.

For women typically the chain will either be 16 inches, 18 inches or 20 inches.

The most common length of chain in use in the UK is 18 inches. The length of chain will emphasise different parts of the wearers chest. A 16 inch chain will be closer to the neck line and will lie above the collarbone. The more common length the 18 inch gold chain will lie over the collar bones, longer lengths will not only sit on the skin but also on clothing, with the right choice of clothing a contrasting gold chain can have a dramatic effect.

Weight of chain

weight of chainOne of most common complaints found in the comments column relating to a recent gold chain purchase are about the value of 9ct gold chains. The biggest issue is that the chain was too thin or light. It is all to easy to buy on price without remembering that a necklace weighing 0.75g will have this weight spread over the 18 inches of the gold chain. This can only result in a really thin or fine chain.

Gold chain weights are an important factor if you are going to make a comparison of the value of one type of 9ct gold chains with another. The comparison can obviously only be done if one takes account of the carat rating. Other factors that come into play when comparing chains are how the gold chain was made. A hand made chain will cost considerably more than a machine made one.

It is difficult to compare the value of 9ct gold chains in the Belcher chain style with that in the style of a Prince of Wales Rope chain – the work involved in the manufacture of each type of chain is somewhat different. It may be obvious but we have to compare like with like.


9ct Gold chains Comparison by Weight

Given that we are making a fair comparison how do we estimate the value of 9ct gold chains? How do we compare the value of a light gold chain with one that is thicker. The price will differ, but which is best value for money?

Well the answer is weight, the weight of gold content in a chain is dependent on its carat content and how many grams shown on the scales. The percentage of gold in a 9ct gold chain will be 37.5% gold the remainder being other base metals. As long as the chain is of the same carat  divide the cost of the chain by it’s weight to get a unit price per gram.

So to summarise to estimate the value of 9ct gold chains it is important to look to see if the weight is listed in the product details. Fine chains should weigh 2g as a rough minimum. Physical size should also be considered, but a little caution here as some gold items might actually be hollow to achieve a bigger profile per gram of weight.

Of course you may decide to purchase the chain that is of lesser value, simply because you prefer some aspect of the design or for sentimental reasons.


The mystery of the vanishing gold chain?

9ct gold chains stolen gold chainDr Kamble, was travelling home on the Vidarbha Express train to Akola, near Gondia in India when a thief, Damu Gupta, 28, stole her gold chain necklace. Police arrested him at the next stop, Kalyan. but despite a search no necklace could be found.

Then one of the passengers suggested that he might have swallowed it having seen him put his hands to his mouth.

However, an X-ray failed to show anything. The police were convinced they had got their man so they conducted an ultrasound scan and found the necklace.

The question was how were they going to get it back? Well the answer – bananas. Over a 48 hour period Gupta was fed bananas, 96 of them in fact, to act as a natural laxative to recover the gold chain. Low and behold the gold necklace was recovered.

Faced with the damning evidence Gupta admitted he had served prison sentences in Utar Pradesh in Northern India for the same offence. Gupta claimed he feared being attacked by the mob of passengers and swallowed the chain.

What is the heaviest Gold chain?

That area of expertise has to fall to the rapping community, and they go for it big time !

Jay-Z-5-Kilo-Chain - 9ct Gold chains


9ct Gold chains -Chain-Bracelet


Jay Z can be seen with one of those “common 5 Kilo gold chains”, round his neck, the bracelets are quite chunky as well. Impressive yes, but ‘Plies’ decided it was time to go one better and bought the most massive of gold chains with a 7 Kg monster gold chain in ‘cuban link’ coupled with a matching 1kg gold bracelet.


9ct Gold chains - plies-7-kilo-gold-chain



So what would one of these chains cost, well the Gold bullion price of these would be as follows:


5kg gold chain £125,000

7kg gold chain £175,000

1kg gold bracelet £25,000


That is assuming that the gold chain is made of 24 carat gold, which it almost certainly be. The true value of gold chains whether they be 9ct gold chains, 18ct gold chains or 24ct  gold chains is made of 3 components:

1) The bullion spot price.

2) A design factor.

3) A scarcity factor, in this instance the true value would probably be double the bullion factor, unless you know better!


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